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How it Works

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  • Enter your basic personal details on the first page like address and email ID.
Fill Important Details
  • Enter and upload your academic qualifications, bank or PayPal details, subjects you want to teach and your CV.
Processing Of Your Application
  • We will review your application and process it within 12-24 hours.
Start Answering After Approval
  • You can start answering questions from your chosen subjects.
Quality Analysis
  • After each submission, our editors will approve your answers within 7-10 working days.
Get Monthly Payments
  • Receive your extra income money at the 1st of every month.

Why Tutor With Us

Make Easy Money

Start solving questions of your knowledge to earn upto $3.5 per answer.

Flexible Schedule

You can solve the questions whenever you want with no fixed working hours.

Super Convenient

Work from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you want.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions by our tutors, at Freelance Tutoring -

Apply here to become a tutor with us.

To apply, register on our website using your Email ID. You need to put the following details for verification –

  1. Personal details
  2. Scanned copies of your academic transcripts.
  3. Mastered subjects
  4. Bank details

Your profile will be verified within 12-24 hours, and if approved, you can start earning by answering questions.

You get $3.5 for every approved answer. We pay our tutors monthly, and payments are disbursed every 1st of the month. Payments are sent to PayPal or your bank account.

To tutor with us, you need to:

  1. Show your valid educational certificates while completing your application.
  2. Upload details of a valid bank account or PayPal account.
  3. Upload your updated CV.

We will review the documents and revert to you within 12-24 hours.

As an online tutor, you would be required to write solutions for your chosen subject's various topics. There are no fixed working hours or in-office work. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop/computer/smartphone to start earning every month.

You need to complete the online application process by submitting the required documents and entering your personal, education, and bank details. Once approved, you would need to click on "Start Answering" from the menu bar on the left side to find topics based on your chosen subjects and start solving them.

At Freelance Tutoring, you can solve as many questions as you want in a day to keep earning more money every month.

Yes, you can sign up with your email ID.

You can teach from your home or anywhere from your comfort.

Click here to start earning.

If you are currently studying or are a pass out from any university or college, you can become a tutor at Freelance Tutoring.

Freelance Tutoring pays their tutors through either PayPal or a bank account transfer. You won't be paid via cheque.

No, Freelance Tutoring does not deduct taxes from your weekly payments. However, you need to report your earnings and pay taxes as applicable on your tax returns annually.

To know your application's status, sign in to your account and check your application's status by clicking here.

We take 12-24 hours to process your application. If we do not connect with you within the said time, your profile was most likely not approved.

We reject tutor applications for different quality issues or unfulfilled requirements. Some other relevant reasons deemed unfit by our administration may cause rejections. Please note that a resubmission of the same application will not change the outcome. We will connect with you in the future if there is any new opportunity.

You cannot make any changes to your submitted application. You can only edit your profile once your application is approved.

Click on 'Profile' from the menu bar on the left side to go to your account and make changes.




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Tutor Name Rating Subject Total Answers Solved
Sheep Eshan Vansh
Chemistry 879
Sheep Adil Rehman
Maths 710
Sheep Riddhi Kharabe
Biology 656
Sheep Taanvi Aaliya
Accounting 519

List of Our Top Earning Tutors

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Zeeshan Rahman


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Devika Bankar


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Radhika Mutneja


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Jahangir Rahman


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Riddhi Kharabe


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Bipul Tharanga

Social Science

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Amandeep Singh


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Muskan Kahini


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Taanvi Aaliya


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Fatin Majidi


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